Company profile

Ashkelon Polymers Industries Ltd. is Israel's leading company for the development, production, and marketing of flexible foam polyurethane products (sponge). The company develops and supplies products to a range of industries and entities in the Israeli market, including top companies in the mattresses and furniture, acoustics, packaging, institutional, tourism, and agricultural sectors. 

CEO Yoram Mandelbaum founded the company in 1987. It is located in the south Ashkelon industrial zone. The 12,600-sq.m. plant currently employs 120 people. Yoram Mandelbaum is a third-generation manufacturer of mattresses, the grandson of Zvi Mandelbaum, marketed sponge products in the years following Israel's independence. 

Today, the company's plant is Israel's top manufacturer and marketer of porous flexible polymer sponge sheets. Operations are broken down by the purpose of the products:

  • Raw materials (sponge) for the furniture industry
  • Raw materials for packaging solutions
  • Raw materials for acoustic solutions

The products of Ashqelon Polymers Industries conform to Israeli and international standards, including strict Israeli and foreign fire resistance standards. The production process conforms to Israeli and international standard ISO 9001. All the products undergo meticulous quality control processes at the company laboratory.

Our company emphasizes the provision of fast customized solutions for the needs of its customers, including personal support and the development of products that precisely meet their specifications. The company's truck fleet transports the plant's output nationwide, from the Golan Heights to Eilat.

You are invited to join our circle of customers. For further information and to place orders with company representatives, call +97236811180.


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